Monday, August 29, 2011

Teaser for ch 11 What's Done Cannot Be Undone

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Here is the teaser for Ch 11 that will be posted sometime this week.

Son, you need to pull yourself together,” he said in a tired voice that made me laugh sleepily at his naivety.
            “Pull myself together,” I scoffed with a snicker as I opened my eyes to look at father. He looked tired and old. It was as if my troubles were aging him as well.
            “Dad, there is nothing left to pull. Can’t you see? I’m falling apart at the seams here,” I said with a humorless laugh as my father shook his head at me as a flash of anger passed over his features before irritation settled in his eyes.
            “Who’s fault is that Edward?” he asked me abruptly causing my laughter to die out in my throat.
            “It’s hard for anyone to feel bad for you when you have brought all of this upon yourself,” he continued on in an angry tone.
            “I never asked for a divorce!” I raged at him as all the anger I felt over my doomed marriage flooded out of me. My father watched me with a calculating eye as I growled like a mad man in anger to him.
            “No, you didn’t, but what did you think would happen?” he asked me incredulously.
            “What did you think your wife would do when you decided to take up with that young girl? Did you think that Bella would be ok with it and just welcome you back with open arms after fucking that girl in your wife’s bed, in your wife’s home?” he yelled at me in anger. I didn’t know that he knew the specifics about how I was caught with Tanya by Bella. I suddenly felt ashamed for the first time over how I was caught. When Bella had found me with Tanya I had no time for shame. My instant reaction was damage control and not indignity.  Somehow hearing how I was exposed coming from my father’s lips made me feel embarrassed for my poor behavior.
            “Truthfully, what did you think you would accomplish by brining another woman into your family’s home? Did you really think that Bella would turn the other cheek over that type of a betrayal?” he asked as his anger was waning as it turned into astonishment.
            What did I think would happen? I thought I would have Tanya and my wife too. I thought I would punish my wife for caring more about the school committees she was on than her own husband. I thought I would show her that someone wanted me even if she didn’t.
            “I didn’t think…” I started to say as I was going to explain my behavior even though there was no explanation to offer.
            “That’s right. You didn’t think,” dad said with a gruff edge to his tone.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teaser for Ch 10 of What's Done Cannot Be Undone

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Sorry I missed The Fictionators Teaser Monday. I will post Ch 10 once I receive it back from 3c Cullen. Here is the teaser for Ch 10 : )  Be warned that this clip is not beta'd.

My relationship with my son was in shambles and while I knew it was my own doing, I could not stop from being somewhat irritated by how he behaved as well. He avoided me at all costs unless his mother pushed him into speaking with me, which she typically did.
            I listened as the phone rang and then suddenly Seth was on the line, causing me to stutter with nerves.
            “Hey Seth,” I managed to say as I listened to grunt of a greeting.
            “We are to meet at Luigi’s for dinner tonight. Are you still able to make it?” I asked him, giving him the chance to back out if he needed.
            “No. I will be there,” he said in a bored tone that hurt me since I remembered a time when boys night out together was something that he looked forward to and not dreaded.
            “Do you need a ride?” I asked him, trying not to sound too hopeful as I listened to him breathe deeply before answering me.
            “No, I’ll drive,” he said simply, reminding me of his age and of the fact that Bella had gotten him a car without my agreement.
            “Ok, see you in about half an hour,” I replied and before he hung up on me like he always did.
            Dinners with Seth were trying, but not as trying as what they had been. He seemed relieved to know that I no longer lived with Tanya. He even seemed pleased that I had only lived with her for eight weeks before finding a place of my own. He would never understand that I only lived with her because I could not handle the silence of being alone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teaser for Consequences ch 16

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I just sent ch 16 of Consequences off to my darling beta....

Here is a teaser for you while you wait. Be warned... it is unbeta'd.

“You helped her?” I questioned as I struggled to regain a normal tone with my sister. Rose looked at me for a long moment with such a sad, yet serious look upon her face. It was a look of disappointment. It was a look that my own mother would have given me if she was here listening to my epic failure with Bella.
            “Why didn’t you…”she started to say, but I cut her off impatiently.
            “You helped her. How did you help her?” I demanded as I took hold of the cooling cup of coffee in my shaking hands. Rose watched me closely as I attempted to regain my composure, while failing at it horribly.
            “She called me and thought it was you,” Rose said thoughtfully as if she was unsure if she should tell about their past exchange.

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WDCBU ch 9 Teaser...

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Sorry I haven't had a chance to post a teaser here yet.. RL has been trying as of recently, but I'm working on that.

I guess it has been agreed to write a BPOV after WDCBU is finished. I have already started writing it actually. It will start during their divorce.

ok... here is a teaser but beware it is unbeta'd.....

I smiled and waved at Alice, knowing how my greeting would infuriate her. I watched with a growing smile as she stomped her foot like a two year old as she hissed in anger at me. Her blue eyes narrowed as she approached me like an furious little dwarf.
"Alice, so good to see you," I called to her as came to a stop in front of me with a heavy scowl upon her face.
"Eat shit and die Edward," she said in that fake, syrupy sweet voice of her while she gave me a bright, smile that was pure bull shit.
"You first, darling," I said with a low chuckle as she stomped off in her fit of anger.