Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WDCBU future outtake teaser

Hello friends!

Yeah, I know I suck at the whole blogging thing.. Let's see if I can get better at it... Anyway, I wanted to share that I changed things up a little bit. I sent off the future outtake of WDCBU to the Fandom4texas instead of the Bella POV. I decided that I would just post the Bella pov, named Landslide, instead of donating it
. For those who have donated they will get chapter 1 of the outtake that I have named The Space Between and if you were not able to donate ( which is understandable in the world's economy) it will post on January 1, 2012. Im not sure how many chapters it will be at the moment since I wanted to take chapter 1 further than what I had, but ran out of time.
I plan on posting a teaser in November and December in hopes to keep you interestered. Without further ado here is November's teaser.

She was wearing a bright red winter coat that made her stand out of the crowd as if everything around her was in black and white. I may not have seen her in six years, but I would know my former wife anywhere. I would know the sound of her footsteps out a crowd of a thousand. I would know her soft laugh. I would know her anywhere.

Until next time....
Take care