Monday, March 28, 2011


Howdy all!!!

I posted my one shot Consequences to my ff account. I had to list it as misc book since they rejected Twilight, but I will go abck and change it once I am able to.

What to do, what to do????

Ok,  so I wrote alot for Perhaps Not to Be, but once more I am retracting what I wrote. I think I need to change things up a bit as far as what Bella is doing concerning Edward.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heads up there has been a change!

Hello all!! You know how I posted a chapter of Perhaps Not to Be here  few days ago??? Well forget it since I have since scrapped it and will replace it with a Bella POV. I will post that here as well as at I just sent it off to the beta so may be soon???

Monday, March 21, 2011


OMG!!! I stumbled upon an idea and I am not sure if my beta can follow this one since it will be basically alot of sex and no drame until closer to the end. Any takers???

Under the Radar for Lingering Shadows

OK,  I submitted Lingering Shadows to Twilighted Awards Under the Radar fics and big shocker to me it was accepted!!! Yay! I filled out the form and turned it back in so look out for that!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lingering Shadows

It is my plan to have Lingering Shadows update by Wednesday of this week. I am just saying this so that why my goal is known. : )

Monday, March 14, 2011


what to have for dinner???

The Behind the Lyrics Contest

Howdy all!!

Well, I thought I would post that I submitted a story/ one shot for the Behind the Lyrics Contest on I can't tell you which one is mine, but I will say that I am planning on expanding it into a multi chapter story!! The voting begins tomorrow & while I am sure I won't win anything it does not stop stop me form wanting to!! I know, how stupid is that???

Monday, March 7, 2011


OK, here it goes. I have been following Twitter and for someone who has experienced a bit of the lime light for causing a bad scene I have to say the bitches out there need to get a grip. I am at a loss over this and so here I am.

OK, the story is I guess Snowqueeniceprincess or whatever the hell her name has gotten some so called publishing company to agree to publish her story Master of the Universe.. Good for her. I was not a follower of the story. I started to read it, but I'll be honest, it didn't hold my interest. I didn't understand her Edward and the Bella seemed weak. I would occasionally read the updates that she put out, but that was mainly to see how many chapters she would have over the same day ( I think I counted 7 chapters over the same day once, but don't hold me to that number since I did not write it down).

Anyway......I guess when word got out that she got some sort of a publishing deal and the shit hit the fan in the Twifc world. This is where I come in. I watched a few people seem to implode over the information. It was the same people that I have seen implode before so I was not suprised by this at all, what did surprise me was the tone of their tweets.

These so called writers went on a rant about how bad the story was and how wrong a person was to follow it. I think it was listed something along the lines that a person should be ashamed of admitting to following that story. They listed others things of course, but these were the two big ones. Some even went on to laugh about how some of their tweets cost them followers. They believe that they lost these followers because they were hard core MotU followers.  I really don't think that was the case, but then again I have no proof since I haven't heard anything from these people who 'unfollowered' the people in question. For the record, I haven't asked either because I don't care enough about it.But maybe, just maybe, do you think that they dropped you because what you wrote seemed bitchy and heartless? Maybe because you insulted them?? This is just a theory, of course.

Then there is the huge shit storm that came about from AG posting a conversation that she had with Snowqueern icedragon whatever the hell your name is. Was anyone really surprised by her comments??? I have to ask since I wasn't. This fandom has made some people really think that they are the shit and I don't get it at all.

OK, here it comes... MY opinion over the whole cluster fuck involving the fanfic world imploding the way it has beem should not be too shocking for anyone, I think people need to shut the fuck up!! There I said it and guess what, I mean it, too.

No one really cares about MotU. If it gets published so fucking what right? Does it effect your real life, your bank account, your family or anything else that actually might mean something to you?? NO it doesn't. So get a grip.
By tweeting your hate over the writer getting published it makes you look petty and jealous. OK, I know, before I get tossed under the bus that is our fandom AGAIN, let me say, I know that you are not jealous. I know you will say this as well (even if your actions are speaking louder than your words at the moment), but reread what I wrote **By tweeting your hate over the writer getting published it makes you look petty and jealous. I didn't say you were. I am saying it makes you look that way. It's unbecoming of you too.

Seriously gossip mongers, get a life and let this drop because no one fucking cares except you. It's going to hurt when you fall off your high horse and I only hope that I am there witness it.