Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Haters gonna hate & the bullshit that goes with it

There are moments in time when I regret ever writing fanfic. They typically come when I get hate'o'grams in the form of reviews. Now, let me explain first what I mean. I am not opposed to other people's opinion. I am not one who thinks my writing is amazing or other words I know I suck.I know not everyone appreciates the endings I place on story. I know this. I also knew that when it was revealed that Bella was not taking Edward back in The Space Between I would get some hate over. What you may not know is that I agonized over that decision. I didn't set out to write that story as an non E & B ending, it happened that way. I went over many time with my friend Anne over how I could put them together, but no matter how I looked at I couldn't. For me the deciding factor was what would I do?
Many of you know What's Done Cannot be Undone as well as The Space Between comes from a very personal place and I think that's part of the problem in these fics. They are emotional. They push button. They strike a nerve in people and most of all they seem to draw people in for whatever reason. I know this and I am always thankful for my readers, but there are times I wish I had never written theses stories. There are moments when I read a review and wonder why a person would be so fucking ugly to another person over a damn fanfic story. There are times when I am reminded by people that my place is not to write MY story, but instead I am here to perpetuate the fucked up fantasy that they have created in their mind that a man can treat you any way he wants and if his name is Edward fucking Cullen you should drop to your knees to suck him off in thanks for treating you so badly. There are times when I am reduced from a person who is writing a story in their free time, taking away time from real life, kids, husband and what not to a fucking court jester sent to entertain, sent to wrote what they want to read, not how I see a story going.
I know, haters are gonna hate. I know this. People get on the computer and hide behind made up names. Some people get on the Internet and think its ok to be the world's biggest cunt to another person just because they don't have to say it to that person's face. It's disturbing.
I guess my rant here, while pointless, is to remind others that when you send a review try to remember that a real person will be reading. Try to remember that its ok to not like a story or its ending, but to use the writer as your own personal punching bag because they "wrote the story wrong" is fucking crazy. Most importantly remember when you send a ranting review brimming with anger and spite I can promise you that any real compliments or complaints you have over the story are dismissed without another thought since it just looks like you are being crazy about a free story that was written in someone's spare time. Be kind to people out there since its the haters that drive good writers away and haven't we lost enough of them?
For you haters reading this I have to ask, do I entertain you now?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A little love letter to the fandom

Dearest Readers,

I got this crazy idea while I was polishing up my old fic Sin for review... You remember that one right? It's one of my favorites, anyway. My idea was that I needed to tell you all thank you for everything. Without your interest both good and bad I wouldn't continue write. I wouldn't continue to strive to better, to take more risks, try new things with writing. I wouldn't try and for that I owe you. I owe those of you how stick with me with my fics, even the ones that hated the endings of some. I owe you love and kisses. I owe you my gratitude. I owe you my thanks.

With all my love,

Hey Friends!!!
I updated my page and One Night : )